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Product details - Saved content from the old site ===Extensions=== Our new “Red-Line” extensions are engineered to be used even at their highest mast setting. This makes our extensions extra versatile compared to other brands. Most sailors are afraid to use the higher settings due to bad experiences with other brands. With Streamlined “Redlines’s, you can sail them at the full 30cm or 46cm extension heights with confidence. Our new redline extensions are evolved from our “Super-lite” line, tried, tested, and proven for years. They start with our own unique 6061 T-8 drawn aluminum tubing, made in the U.S.A. They are precision machined, anodized red, inside and out, and have permanent numbered increments every two centimeters. We offer eight models. Four that attach to the U.S. base cup and four that attach to the Euro pin. Four of them fit standard masts and four of them fit reduced diameter masts. All of them come in the shorter 30 centimeter maximum extension or the longer 46 centimeter maximum extension. All of them have a secure, fool proof adjustment pin tethered to a hard anodized aluminum collar. Naturally they all incorporate our ultra strong, powerful “Quick-six", quick to rig, six to one, downhaul cleat system and downhaul line ===Universals=== NEW refined “Universal” tendon joint We invented the tendon universal joint design from 1981 and it is the strongest joint of all. Our unique design has evolved, and has been refined over the years while every other company plays catch up using our unique design. Ours still has the same basic original design, the overall size has increased and the materials have been upgraded. Further we have added a safety line to assure you can sail back even in the unlikely event of a tendon failure. Since 2008 we machine the end caps from billet 6061 T-6 aluminum, anodize them hot red, and designed them to incorporate a true four line safety line. This design is not only safer, it keeps the universal closer together, were there a failure, it would be easier to sail in and virtually eliminates damage to the deck of your board. The tendon is easy to inspect and replace when necessary. The tendon, as with all Streamlined products, are warranted for one year. Our design, combined with our proven salmon colored urethane tendon formula, will give you the ultimate confidence in all windsurfing conditions and disciplines. 'TWIST-ON' System (single bolt) Simply twist on, adjust, or remove by hand. Ultra low profile, on center, and unobtrusive. This unique design assures low bend point, double swiveling, and virtually break proof strength. This design is proven reliable, winning pro contests in all disciplines for 15 years. 'QUICK-LOCK' System (two bolt) Double strong, double dependable. Proven in giant surf! Small, unobtrusive and ultra low profile. This system allows quick, secure connecting and disconnecting below your universal. The deck plate remains on your board. This unique design assures low bend point, double swiveling, and virtually break proof strength. The tendon is easy to inspect and replace when necessary. The tendon, as with all Streamlined products, are warranted for one year. The Streamlined tendon universal systems are built with unbreakable aluminum end caps and a Spectra, 816 kilogram (1800 pound) break strength, safety line. This is a connection you can trust! ===Booms=== Always indicate which boom head you want; standard, “-S”, or RDM, “-R”. Josh Angulo True Performance Boom The intersection of performance and quality Reaching, gibing, speeding, jumping, tacking, wave riding, tricks, fun, it is all better “Josh Angulo True Performance” booms are maxed out for performance in every respect. They are tested and proven and by Josh Angulo. He says they are the best booms he has ever used. The proof is in the performance. The powerful over hand friendly curve, the lightness, the stiffness, the strength, the small grip, the “Strap-on” head, the tight and light tail. You must sail this boom and experience this well balanced combination of simple, well executed ideas. It represents a whole new level of performance for you. It makes sailing more fun, more comfortable, and actually easier for all maneuvers. Features: Unique straight forward boom curve. Comfortable and ergonomic. Your front hand can be overhand and powerful. Two widths, narrow for surf, full for slalom. 98% carbon fiber prepreg construction, super light, super stiff, super strong. Streamlined “Strap-on” boom head. Rigid and durable. Small grip diameter with Streamlined’s own formula, light to the touch, yet super durable, boom grip. Precision easy adjusting, 50 centimeter adjustment range with 2 centimeter increments. Ultra small and light tail piece with secure 4 to 1 outhaul. Quality construction throughout, every detail. ===Boom Head=== 'STRAP-ON' Boom Heads (to retrofit late model carbon booms) "STRAP-ON" RDM Boom Heads are designed to fit only reduced diameter masts. They all have the same great features as the original "Strap-on" made for standard diameter masts. They appear nearly identical so they will be uniquely anodized purple. Both of our Strap-on’s, the standard blue and the RDM purple, have many new refinements which enhance their already legendary performance and reliability. *requires minor modification of boom The 'Strap-on' boom head is another 'ground breaking' innovation from Streamlined. It is the first aluminum boom head. This design sets a new level of performance because you get a stable, rigid, controllable connection between the boom and the mast. And then there is incredible strength and durability, the boom head is no longer the weakest link of the rig. For more on the 'Strap-on' check out the interview with David Dominy from the Windsurfing Magazine. A sturdy cast aluminum frame incorporates resilient urethane bushings to isolate and cushion the connection between your carbon boom and mast. This design assures the boom head will not accumulate flex over time, as do its plastic counterparts. Two independent stainless steel clamps together with the rugged straps, rigs quickly and securely to your mast and doesn't slip. 'Strap-on' Boom Heads weighs in at 381 grams (13.5 ounces). For comparison, the Hawaiian Pro Line head, the lightest on the market, weighs only 45 grams (1.5 ounces) less. We offer five models, which are exactly the same except for the boom bushing, which are sized to the particular boom diameter they are to fit. Installation is a matter of four screws, very similar to mounting handlebars on a bicycle or a motorcycle. ===Masts=== CROSS-OVER "Flex-top" Reduced Diameter Masts We postponed our “Cross-over” mast production until 2010. Cross-over Reduced Diameter Masts - Engineered to cross over to sails designed for standard diameter masts. Ultra strong, ultra light, 98% U.S.A. pre-preg carbon fiber construction. Guaranteed to be free of manufactures defects for one year and warranted for breakage "while windsurfing", for two years from date of purchase. Cross-over Masts are made in two bend curves. The Flex-Top models are stiffer at the bottom and have a lively flexing top, similar to the majority of RDM's sold in the past. The "flex-top" curve is ideal, for example, in sails like Ezzy and Simmer. The Stiff-Top models have a stiffer top and the same bottom which combine to give an overall stiffer, more constant curve. The "stiff-top" curve is ideal, for example, in sails like Sailworks, North, and Neil Pryde. All "Cross-over's" are available in five lengths, 340cm, 370cm, 400cm, 430cm, and 460cm. All "Cross-over's" have texture where the boom is attached and tops and bottoms are water tight plugged. Each mast comes in it's own nylon bag with a velcro flap.