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You've created a fantastic boom part. The engineering is brilliant and the craftsmanship exquisite. This is a major upgrade to a HPL boom. The improvement to rig control and handling is immediately apparent. The lateral boom deflection is greatly reduced. The boom to mast connection is really tight without excessive compression on the mast.

The retrofit took 15 minutes, 3/4 of which was removing the stock HPL boom head. My only comment for improvement at this stage is that the recesses in the casting for the nuts could be smaller (or the nut larger) so that the nut does not fall out when the cap screw is removed. There is enough space around the nut within the recess that the nut is almost free to turn. Minor point, but I did have to crawl around looking for a couple of the nuts after they fell out.

The webbing strap adjustment was a bit fiddley the first time, but it doesn't appear that it will have to be adjusted again now that it is set to the right length. Nice webbing by the way. Does the webbing have a rubberize coating to it?

I sailed yesterday for 3 hours with an 11.0 m2 sail, purposely over-powered in 20 plus wind conditions, to check out the stiffness of the boom to mast connection. The rig felt great. I switched off to a stock boom to compare the rig stiffness and handling. The difference isn't subtle. The stock boom head flexes enough that to affect rig control - I felt more overpowered on the stock HPL boom. Switching back to the boom with your head piece confirmed this. A stiff boom to mast connection improves rig control when over powered.

This is a great boom head Dave. Well done! By the way, by what name are you calling this part? Are you in production of these yet? Have you figured out a price yet? I would like to order 12 more boom heads to retrofit the rest of my booms and those of Dale Cook, my sail test partner. I'm not looking for freebies, I'll write you a check for them today.

Fair winds,

Bruce Peterson
Sailworks R+D