Our iconic aluminum handle is the strongest connection between your mast and boom. It is light and strong and has changed the game when it comes to boom heads. The handle available in SDM and RDM is tightened by two adjustable Dyneema ropes around the mast, and two collars screwed around the boom. No loss of power or control due to loosening or stretching of the plastic.
Hi tech urethane bushings protect and cushion your carbon boom and mast.
In 2020 our handle changes its look. The old colored anodisation gives way to a much less ostentatious black matte treatment.
Ultra strong, super light, 98% pre-preg carbon fiber construction, our wave carbon booms are maxed out for performance in every respect. The powerful over hand friendly curve, the lightness, the stiffness, the strength,the small grip, the Dyneema boom head, the tight and light tail. You must sail this boom and experience this well balanced combination of simple, well executed ideas. It represents a whole new level of performance for you. It makes sailing more fun, more comfortable, and actually easier.
Our “HMX” pre-preg carbon graphite extensions are light and benefits an incredible strength to weight ratio. With our top quality pre-preg carbon fiber material and our meticulous manufacturing process we have developed the strongest, lightest extensions possible. The 2 centimeter adjustment settings are set with a hard anodized aluminum collar tethered with a Spectra line to a stainless steel pin. We attach our beefy “Power- Six” super powerful 6:1 downhaul cleat with large diameter pulleys perpendicular for power, easy rigging and no crossed lines. A tough Dyneema “super downhaul” downhaul line is included.
Red-line extensions start with custom 32mm, 6061 T-8 “drawn” aluminum tubing. The kind of tubing they use to make aircraft. The overall result is an incredible high strength, to low weight ratio. This formula has been proven with our years of experience. The tube is red anodized in and out.
The adjustment settings are held with a hard anodized aluminum collar tethered with a Spectra line to a stainless steel pin. Finally we attach our new beefy “Power-Six” super powerful 6:1 downhaul cleat with large diameter pulleys, perpendicular for power, easy rigging and no crossed lines. A tough Dyneema “super downhaul” line is included.
C90 RDM masts.
Constant curve - Kevlar finish.
Sizes available : 340cm - 370cm - 400cm - 430cm - 460cm
Supplied with yellow Streamlined bag.
Sleeve in the upper part.
Boom adjustment marks.
This tried and true design system of reliability will not let you down. It is known to be the best. It’s pro-tested!
The new euro pin system in stainless steel is monobloc.
All Streamlined bases have the lowest bend point of all bases available on the market. They are all equipped with the legendary urethane join, historically linked to the brand Streamlined. For more security the join is reinforced by a dyneema rope.The Quick-Lock deck playte is fastened to your board with two 6mm screws. It connects to the tendon universal joints that have the Quick-lock male part.
The main parts are available separately: rings, collars, clips, tendons. But, on request, we can supply you with all the spare parts that make up our products.
All spare parts are visible on this catalog:
Contact us directly for any specific request.
Streamlined is an American company founded in 1984. Its creator, Dave Dominy, is devoted to technique and windsurfing, and has been behind the origin of several key innovations, including the first urethane tendon base and the metal boom handle.
By offering a range of windsurfing equipment, our goal is to provide high-end technical solutions, combining strength and simplicity with the most robust materials of the highest quality.
The functional design of our products stands out and above the rest. The inessential has been eliminated.
In choosing Streamlined, you have opted for quality, safety and value.